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See how you can dramatically improve user experiences and ITSM efficiency with KTSL augmented reality.

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Faster resolutions. Fewer call-outs. Higher productivity. With the KTSL augmented reality app, ITSM processes become significantly more efficient.

Enabling engineers and users to gain visibility of their digital workplace, it reveals vital service information for simpler and speedier resolutions.

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Make the invisible visible

Whether you run your own ITSM or outsource, the new KTSL AR app adds clarity, simplicity and productivity to your processes, cutting the time and expense involved in dealing with relatively minor problems.

With the KTSL AR app, you can:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Strengthen satisfaction
  • Increase productivity
  • Cut costs
  • Add value
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KTSL in action

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User laptop issues chevron

Outlook is not working on a frustrated user’s laptop. He just waves his phone over the KTSL mark on his laptop to reveal all the information needed to fix the problem or log an information-rich ticket with ITSM.

Identifying a problematic server chevron

A server in a rack needs maintenance. Turning off the wrong one could critically impact the business. The engineer simply waves his phone over the KTSL mark on each server to instantly see what it is and its system status.

Patching a server to a network point chevron

An engineer is faced with a confusion of cables. He simply waves his phone over the switch, providing shared access to a live picture, which the network manager draws over to show which cable goes into which network point.

Email system failure chevron

The email system in a busy office goes down with no obvious reason why. A simple swipe of a phone instantly reveals what the problem is and that it will be resolved after lunch. To minimise downtime, the office takes lunch early.

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KTSL AR benefits

Giving you IT InSight, everything’s better with KTSL AR

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Better for your users

  • Faster resolution times
  • Higher first-time fix rates
  • Less downtime
  • More productivity

Increased user satisfaction

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Better for your ITSM team

  • Get it right first time, right away
  • Scale up your expertise and resource availability
  • Minimise support costs
  • Reduce training required

ITSM efficiency

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